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Farm to Fork Naturals

We've listened to you, our customers, and your request for a natural line of products made with the same Columbus commitment to culinary excellence. So, here's to you and our Farm to Fork Naturals products that we created with you in mind.

Our Farm to Fork Naturals line uses all sustainable practices to bring you food that upholds the highest standards of quality and taste. All our animals are humanely raised—fed premium-quality 100% vegetarian diets and NEVER ever given antibiotics or added growth hormones. Our hogs and turkeys are raised to the highest standards in stress-free environments with lots of space and fresh air.

Our products are all authentic. This means there are no nitrates or nitrites, no additives, no artificial ingredients and no preservatives. And, like all of our products, our Columbus Farm to Fork Naturals salame and deli meats are gluten free, have no MSG, and are 0% trans fat.