Breakfast Tacos
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Breakfast Tacos


Breakfast Tacos


1 cup Columbus Chorizo Salame, ½” diced
4 eggs
¼ cup milk or half & half
1 cup refried beans, heated½ cup salsa
1 cup Columbus Mild Cheddar Cheese, shredded
4 flour tortillas
1 Tbsp. butter
Salt and black pepper, to taste



In a bowl, whisk eggs with milk.

Heat up iron skillet or non-stick pan on medium-high. Add chorizo salame and cook until heated through. Remove from pan and set aside.

Wipe pan and add butter to the pan. When butter is melted, pour in eggs and scramble for about 3 minutes or until done to your liking. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Heat flour tortillas either on a skillet or by laying them on top of a gas burner. When tortilla starts to puff (about 20 seconds) turn it over and cook for another 20 seconds.

Take a tortilla and spread ¼ cup of refried beans in the center of the tortilla. Add a quarter of the scrambled eggs, ¼ cup of heated chorizo salame, ⅛ cup of salsa, and ¼ cup of cheese. Fold in bottom 1 inch of the tortilla and then roll from left to right until self-contained. Repeat for remaining tortillas.

Serve with sour cream and hot sauce.

Makes 4 tacos