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Take Extra Time

Take Extra Time

Our Slow Curing

We take the extra time and care needed to handcraft and slow-cure our salame to bring out the full, natural flavor so you can see and taste the difference.

Our salame is made from 100% pork that is carefully selected for the best quality. The pork is then fermented and matured at the precise temperature and humidity from 21 days up to 90 days. We never speed up the process by using more modern manufacturing technologies that rely on higher temperature aging that result in a completely different, "cooked" taste. We take our time so you can taste our history and tradition in every bite.


Our Slow Roasting

Our hand-selected cuts of meat are slow-roasted in low temperature ovens to create deli meats that are flavorful, moist and tender.

While technology has evolved and improved our ability to package and deliver our products, one thing hasn't changed – our commitment to the proven Old World techniques of preparation. This means remaining true to tradition by only slowly roasting our deli meats. This process results in the best tasting, real deli meats that your grandmother would have enjoyed.